Some tips for a smooth move

Test Blog 12/05/2018

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Keep your paperwork with you

Make sure that important items such as your passport and visa have been taken out of their usual storage (e.g., drawer or cupboard), so that they are not accidently packed. Once packing gets under way, you’ll be surprised how quickly your things disappear into...
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Organize your insurance

Insurance is your safety net in case of a problem. If your mover has organized the insurance, request a copy of the insurance certificate as proof. Read the small print, paying particular attention to the claim procedure. In the event of a claim, act on the...
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Book early

The period between 15 June and 1 September is the busiest of the year and demand far outweighs the moving industry’s capacity. If you leave your arrangements to the last minute, you may be left with no other choice than to use a substandard mover, and they could...

Find your mover

When choosing your mover: Obtain a minimum of two quotes in order to compare prices Beware of the ‘no problem’ sales pitch Look out for warning signs when you first phone for a quote. Is there any delay in getting back to you? How polite and helpful are...